Atlanta – Inhale Promo

FX Atlanta - Inhale Promo In June 2016 we provided content to promote FX Network's new show "Atlanta". This involved not only shooting aerials but handheld and car mounted MoVI shots as well. We experimented with a variety of low mounting positions to get the camera and lens at 2ft off the ground providing stable

Adidas Climachill

Adidas Climachill - Not Made For Normal Client - Adidas Director - John Pina DP - Christian Sprenger Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini Pilot - Nick Kolias Aerial DP - Brad Meier

IBM- RunKeeper

IBM - Runkeeper We have a history of collaborating with DP Tim Sessler on projects related to pushing the limits of Freefly Systems' MōVI technology and this was no different.  In IBM "Runkeeper" we made extensive use of the Mimic technology to get a unique feel - a sort of mixture of handheld and stabilized looks.

ARRI – The Journey

ARRI - The Journey The Journey was filmed in part as a release video for the ARRI Alexa Mini camera.  We spent 5 days shooting both handheld and aerials for this piece.  All locations are in and around the Seattle Washington area. Director- Casey Warren DP- Hugh Bell Shot on

ARRI – Balloonist

The Balloonist In early November 2014 we were able to be the first to fly the Alexa Mini prototype camera.  Nick Kolias flew all the aerials for the Balloonist which really began as a camera test and not a full production.  There was enough great footage that Casey and Danielle over at Mindcastle were able

University of Oregon – IF

University of Oregon - "IF" Here we were tasked with shooting in a variety of situations during our day and a half on and around campus.  The opening shot was accomplished by flying through a narrow gap in the trees while the camera operator maintained framing on the car.  At 1:18 there is another narrow